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How to Install & Setup Ink Cartridges in the HP Desk-jet 2600 All-in-One Printer Series

After unpacking your HP Desk Jet 2600 series printer, it’s time to install the setup ink cartridges. A general instruction to only use the setup cartridges that was shipped with your printer.

From the unboxed material, grab the power cord and connect it to the printer and the other end into the wall outlet. Now press the power button to turn on the printer. Lower the output tray, and then the ink cartridge door. Remove the black setup cartridge from its package. Pull the tab to remove the plastic tape from the cartridge. Do NOT touch the copper colored contacts or ink nozzles. As touching these can result into clogs, ink failure, and bad electrical connections. Make sure you install the ink replacement cartridge in its correct slot, tri color on the left and black on the right.

Now hold the cartridge by its side and slide it into its slot until it snaps into its place. Now repeat these steps to install the tri-color setup cartridge. Close the ink cartridge access door.

The printer recognizes the setup cartridges and prepares the printer with the new ink. You’re ready to use your new printer. For any more clarification, contact us.

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hp printer support

How to set Up a Wireless HP Printer from your Android mobile phone?

From your android phone, setup an HP printer and connect it to your wireless home or business network using HP smart.

To be able to setup and install your printer, gather the following materials and information.

  • A network connected device running android that is connected to the wireless network in which you want to connect your printer.
  • An unboxed HP printer powered on.
  • Active internet connection.
  • Wireless network password key, if required.

From your android phone, open up a web browser. Go to 123.hp.com. Also, to note, official HP website will never charge for such information or service. Tap get the app to install HP smart. Once installed, tap it to open it.

Agree to terms and conditions, check the box and proceed. To detect a new printer in HP smart, printer must be in setup mode. Setup mode activates automatically when turning on your computer for the first time. But it is only activated for 2 hours.

If you’re unsure, reset the printer network settings.

For printers with buttons only, press the cancel button to wake the printer from sleep mode. Press and hold the wireless and cancel buttons at the same time for 5 seconds.

Release the buttons to reset the network settings.

For printers with LCD or text display, navigate to the wireless or network settings menu. And select restore network settings, or restore network defaults.

With the printer in setup mode, return to the HP smart. Tap the plus sign to add your printer to HP smart. The app will now search and detect the printers connected to the same network as your device.

If you have another printer in the network, tap add printer not listed and then setup a new printer. Otherwise just tap setup a new printer. Tap to select your printer. If prompted, enter wireless network key.

HP smart finds the printer, prepares it for the connection, takes some additional information, and then finishes the connection. With the printer successfully connected to the network, tap continue to proceed with the remainder of the setup. If prompted, follow the instructions and videos to install the ink cartridges and load paper into your printer. DON’T forget to adjust the paper guides to prevent jams. With paper loaded, tap continue to setup any available service or software. The HP print service plugin must be installed to HP smart.

From HP smart, follow the remaining screens to complete the setup and print straight from the app to your printer.

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HP Fraud Alert: Protecting Yourself from Scams

Protect yourself from telephone tech support scammers

HP never contacts customers to provide unsolicited technical support. If you receive an unexpected call claiming to be from HP, you should hang up.

Do not rely on caller ID alone to authenticate the caller, as criminals can change the caller ID display to make it appear as though the call is coming from a legitimate HP number.

Do not provide any confidential information such as user IDs, passwords, social security numbers, credit/debit card numbers, PINs, or account information.

Do not transfer funds or agree to make payment in the form of online gift cards.

Do not give callers remote access to your computer or device.

Do not install any software suggested by the caller.

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