How To Set Up a Wireless HP Printer Using HP Smart in Windows 10

Follow HP Printer Support instructions. From windows 10, setup an HP printer and connect it to your wireless home or business network using HP smart. You need below information to be able to connect wirelessly successfully.

  • A network connected windows 10 computer.
  • An HP printer powered on.
  • Active internet connection.
  • Wireless password or key.


On your windows 10 computer, open HP smart app. It comes pre-installed on most of the computers. If its not installed, download it from the Microsoft store. Open up, select start, agree to terms and conditions, and then proceed.

HP smart app searches for the hp printers connected to the network. Select plus sign to find your new printer. If you have another printer on the network, select add printer not listed, and then setup new printer. Else select setup new printer.

To detect new printer in HP smart, the printer must be in setup mode. Setup mode automatically when turning on your printer for the first time but is only activated for 2 hours. If your printer is in setup mode, reset the network settings.

For hp printers with buttons only, press the cancel button to wake the printer from sleep mode. Press and hold the wireless and cancel buttons at the same time for 5 seconds. Release the button to reset the network settings.

For HP printers with an LCD or text display, navigate to the wireless or network settings menu. Select restore network settings.

The app finds your printer in setup mode. If your printer is still not found, select printer not listed. Otherwise, verify the printer shown is the one you want to setup then select continue.

To connect the printer to the same network as the computer, enter the wireless password if prompted, tap continue. HP smart finds the printer, prepares it for the the connection. With the printer successfully connected to the network, reconnect the computer to the network.

From HP smart, open network settings. Select show available networks,  with the computer back on the network, return to HP smart, select done. With all connections established, select continue. If prompted, follow instructions and videos to install cartridges and the load paper into your printer. Don’t forget to adjust paper guides to prevent jams.

With paper loaded, select continue, follow any prompts to get to the screen with instructions on adding the printer to the printers, and scanners list in windows. Select open window settings, in the printers scanners list, select add a printer or scanner. Select the HP printer listed in HP smart, select add device. The printer software installs, and the printer is added, to the print queue.

Return to HP smart, select continue, HP smart displays the tasks and settings for your printer. Print, scan and adjust printer settings directly from HP smart.

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How To Connect a Mobile Device to your HP Sprocket Photo Printers

Connect your mobile device to your sprocket to snap pictures, make fun edits and fun design and then print right from the sprocket app. Get hp printer support anytime.


Download the HP Sprocket app from or from your mobile device store.

Once you install the app, grab your sprocket and turn it on. On your mobile device, open settings and turn on the Bluetooth. This might take 10 seconds for your sprocket to appear. Once it appears, select HP Sprocket, your mobile device and sprocket printer connects automatically. If prompted, allow the device and sprocket to communicate. Verify the connection in sprocket app, tap the menu icon, if you see a green dot and the word connected, you’re good to go.


For any device connection issues, getting the latest firmware might resolve the problem. Before you update your printer firmware, check the battery percentage, make sure it’s charged 50%. From the sprocket app screen, tap the menu icon, tap sprocket, tap printers. If there’s an update available, select it and wait for the update to finish. Don’t close the app until the update is completed.


Now you can take photos from your device, send them to your sprocket, an just print them whenever you want.

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